Ut Glaashoes

UT Glaashoes is a gallery, studio and sculpture garden in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

In 1996, a group of artists with disabilities started with expressing their perception and emotional world using various forms of art. Successful exhibitions at reputable galleries in Netherlands and Flanders have decided us to start our own workshop and gallery in Maastricht for and with work of the artists. A visit to Ut Glaashoes is an introduction to the artists, their thoughts, the creative process and paintings. In Ut Glaashoes are around 24 artists working in the age from 18 to 64, each with their own unique expression UT Glaashoes provides the opportunity for the artists to develop themselves personally, socially, using creative means. By our own exhibitions, in and outside the Gallery. Collaboration with other artists and organizations, participation and integration are fixed values and part of the ‘open’ workshop.

This in the belief that ‘outsider’ art can give a valuable contribution to the artistic and creative climate of the city.

Ut Glaashoes
Wilhelminasingel 67
6221 BG Maastricht
T: 088-350 50 66
E: utglaashoes@radar.org
f : Radar.UtGlaashoes

Opening hours
Monday t/m/Friday
10 am-3 pm. or by appointment.

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